Practice At Home

Mar 13, 2020


If ever there was a good time to start a home practice, now is it.

For your well-being, and for the collective well-being.

With everyday life already being disrupted in many places, it’s pretty clear that things are going to get worse before they get better. As one expert I watched yesterday put it, this isn’t just a blizzard, it’s a winter. Many of my studio-owner friends in Europe are already closed for now, and more cancellations, shut downs, postponements are on their way.

If you don’t want to practice with an online class, that’s okay.
Do what you remember.
Do what you love.
Do what feels good in your body.
Even a few full, conscious exhalations,
Or putting your legs up the wall for five minutes,
Stretching your arms up above your head,
Can do the trick.
I’m doing my best to use what I know to temper the intensity of these times, to be extra kind, extra caring, extra good to myself. Whether that‘s reflected in what I do on my mat,
or what I eat,
or the number of hours I sleep,
or in moments of just paying attention to my breath and returning to the present moment.
I recognize ALL of this as part of my practice – always - but especially right now.
It’s a perfect time to acknowledge all the ways your yoga infuses itself into your life and the choices you make.
If you’re feeling anxious, worried, distracted, scared, scattered, drained, exhausted or overwhelmed, you are not alone. 
I’m using my practices right now to give a break to myself, if only for a little while, from the media storm of information, caution, and fear, to pause, to release, to bolster.  I need it. Maybe you do too.
To touch that place in you where (if I may be so bold as to update the classic teaching from The Bhagavad Gita for these days) “water cannot wet, fire cannot burn, wind cannot dry” and no virus can infect.
Let your yoga to do whatever you need it to do.
Sending you love and a (virtual) hug,



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