Nurture the True Spirit of Yoga

Discover the depth - and delight - of yoga as a practice of sacred connection & purposeful living.

Nurture the True Spirit of Yoga.

Discover the depth - and delight - of yoga as a practice of sacred connection & purposeful living.


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I'm Barrie 

I've been teaching yoga for 23 years and working with yoga teachers for 15 years.

My best-selling book Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practiceis a guide for practitioners to deepen, expand, and integrate the benefits of yoga in their lives. 

My alignment-oriented approach to yoga is grounded in principles of healthy, functional movement and infused with traditional yogic wisdom made accessible and relevant to your daily life.

I teach students around the globe through my ongoing classes, workshops, mentoring programs, and trainings, both online and in person.

"The best yoga teacher I have ever met. It has been a gift to learn from such a wonderful person."

- Letizzia Wastavino

"A beautifully wise and articulate teacher with an incredible amount of experiential knowledge and passion."

- Erin Moon

"Barrie was an instrumental teacher on my yogic journey and I continue to carry her knowledge within me. She is unpretentious, patient, authentic, courageous, grounded, and funny!”

- Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

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