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Teachers, Please Take Your Seats

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the teachers I am most deeply inspired by are not necessarily the ones who teach to huge numbers, nor do they have the most polished presentation. They are not necessarily the teachers with the most magnetic charisma, nor are they the ones that can effortlessly achieve every asana. The teachers I learn the most from are those whose commitment to their practices shines through their teaching, bringing it alive with the energy of their own experience and inquiry. It sparks within me the longing to practice with the same dedication, which in turn, hopefully allows me to offer the fruits of my own learning to students.

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I created the Skilful Yogi Mentoring Program to support teachers to continue along the ever-unfolding path of their own studentship. As our Fall session wraps up, its clear that this program is succeeding at providing a framework (content + community + resources) for committed teachers to make real shifts their experience of yoga and in their teaching.

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Become a More Skilful Yogi

The Skilful Yogi is professional development program for yoga teachers that offers accessible, practical and empowering tools to refine your teaching skills, deepen your practice and reflect on the teachings of yoga within the support of a global community of teachers.

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Taking the Seat of the Student

You might not always feel confident that you are a good teacher. That’s okay though, as long as you know how to be a good student.

Taking the seat of the student gives you permission not to know. In the not knowing lies the vast expanse of possibility and discovery. In this space you have the freedom to explore, experiment, ask questions, break out the books, clarify, try things out, make mistakes and learn from them.

When in doubt, become a better student. 

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Why the Skillful Yogi?

Today I’m introducing the fall 2015 session of The Skilful Yogi, an online mentoring program for yoga teachers. I created and piloted this program last winter. Throughout the offering of the program and in my reflections since then, I’ve become even more convinced that this type of work is essential for all yoga teachers. Here’s why.

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