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Barrie is an exceptionally gifted yoga teacher. It's rare that you get someone with her level of practice, wisdom and passion who is so well rounded. She can teach the wildest advanced poses as well as adapted therapeutic poses with the same depth and ease, all the while staying grounded in the bigger picture of yoga philosophy. A true gem for the Montreal yoga community and beyond!

Melanie Richards, Director, HappyTree Yoga

I've never had a teacher or known a woman quite like Barrie. Her classes are technical, explained in a way that I feel so many new sensations even though I've practiced and taught yoga for years. Technical, but not lacking heart or spirituality. I've also taken online classes with Barrie, which was a wonderful experience. I look forward to the next time I recieve her teachings in person, online or in print.

Jenny Berthiaume, Yoga Teacher and Writer

 I have had the privilege of having Barrie Risman as a yoga teacher on many occasions and I have repeatedly been enlightened and enriched by the experience. Barrie brings with her a confident knowledge of yogic practice and very generously shares that knowledge on many different platforms.

Lyse Beaudette

Barrie is a beautifully wise and articulate teacher. She has an incredible amount of experiential knowledge and passion to share her studies. Her ability to make these practices accessible to all is a unique and valuable asset from Low Mobility and Pain populations to long standing teacher practitioners all can learn from her deep wisdom and years of dedication to these practices.

Erin Moon, Founder of Moon Yoga Therapuetics

Barrie both teaches, lives and embodies the practices of yoga genuinely and wholeheartedly. Deeply rooted in the traditions of yoga, she skilfully shares the all realms of the teachings with her students with a great amount of love and generosity. Studying with Barrie has been a true gift to my own path of yoga both in my personal practice and as a teacher. It is through her teachings that I have gained the trust, confidence and authentic approach to practicing and teaching. She continues to be a source of inspiration for me as a student and a teacher and for this I am grateful.

Leanne Whiting, Yoga teacher and Director of Grow A Lotus Yoga Studio

Barrie is the epitome of excellence in my experience of the yoga world. She has a deep understanding of the philosophies and the practices, and her classes reflect this in a way that uplifts and inspires her students. Humour,  kindness, and professional rigour are a winning combination. 

Jill Harrington, Health Care Executive

Since I have been practicing with Barrie not only has my asana practice improved immensely but my knowledge and understanding of the Yoga traditions and philosophy. She has a beautiful joyful way of sharing her extensive insight that is easy to understand and relate to. I always leave her classes, workshops and teacher training learning something new about the world of Yoga but also about myself. I am extremely grateful she is in my life.

Ondine Guralnick, Yoga Teacher and Artist

I have been practicing and studying with Barrie for years. She continuously integrates and embodies all the facets of yoga into her life and her teaching. I just love how present, mindful, thoughtful, and focused she is during class. She brings all of this into her programs and services too! With her many years of experience practicing, studying and teaching, she is a wealth of inspiration and wisdom. I highly recommend her to any yogi looking to deepen their connection to their practice.

Christine Guenette, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach