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 Where postural practice meets timeless wisdom.


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Where postural practice meets timeless wisdom.

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Fuel your inner journey every week.

Dear yogi,

I’ve been teaching weekly online classes for practitioners around the world through my Skillful Yogi community since 2018. I LOVE crafting these classes!

For me, postural practice is never separate from yogic wisdom but part of an integrated path toward greater clarity, self-knowledge, and more purposeful living.

If you're already familiar with my teaching style, well, then you know my passion for practice, for diving deep into the art and skill of asana, for unpacking the intricacies of the poses through thoughtful and creative sequencing, and for penetrating the depth of postural practice through refined and nuanced alignment technique.  

If you’re a yoga teacher or continuing student ready to enrich your experience of postural practice, it would be an honor to support you on your journey.

Yours in yoga,


A beautifully wise and articulate teacher with an incredible amount of experiential knowledge and passion. 
Erin Moon, Vancouver, Canada 


The best yoga teacher I have ever met. It has been a gift to learn from such a wonderful person.
Letizzia Wastavino, Klosterneuberg, Austria
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Now, yogis everywhere can join me in this weekly journey of awakening consciousness in the body through my alignment-based asana classes

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Classes begin with a concise and inspiring teaching talk to anchor you in the expansive vision of yoga and infuse your practice with principles of yogic living

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We conclude with a short reflection to bring the gifts of your practice into the rest of your day.

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What students are saying about these classes...

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This was exactly what my body needed after a rigorous performance weekend! This one will be a keeper in my regularly scheduled programming for sure.

Heather Acomb

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This class was brilliant. I was able to do the pose deeper and with more awareness than I have for many years. Loved it. Thank you!!

Alison Colyer

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Hey Barrie, This was great, I loved it all! Also, it fits perfectly with what I am teaching this week and next. :) Namaste!

Sarah Clover
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You are amazing with this website. It all crackles with brightness, intelligence and deliberate interactivity.

Cecile Davis Anderson

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I absolutely loved this sequence. So nice to practice after sitting at my desk all day!

Steph Larocque

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Just what I needed after a lot of spring cleaning outside! I also feel more grounded. Thank you, Barrie.🙏

Dominique Fugère

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Barrie was my first yoga teacher 25 years ago. She's my yoga teacher today. With her weekly classes, my own understanding of asana and philosophy continues to deepen. My yoga students think that I pore over yoga books in order to keep my classes fresh and creative. However, Barrie’s weekly classes are my real secret.

Monique Danae Toh

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This practice was just what I needed today! I loved the garlanding of the deep lunge poses! I appreciated the longer, but not overly-long held postures with blocks and a bolster. These props allowed me to micro-adjust, micro-stretch more, micro-adjust, micro-stretch more, etc. which felt both therapeutic and empowering! Thanks! 🙏

BetsyAnn Baron

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Amazing practice, Barrie! I feel soooo good.

Melanie Richards

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Thank you Barrie, I enjoyed it so much. Just what I needed. 

Anne-Marie Dubuc

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Saying I loved this class in an understatement!!

Sabrina McMeekin

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I appreciated the heaviness in my legs in Paschimottanasana. It changed my experience of the pose. All the prep work allowed my spine and torso much more freedom too. An energy shift within the posture. Lovely!!

Doni Ritz

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This class was an excellent build up to the full pose. I found it to be hard work but both enlightening and rewarding. I shall return to this one as it has many elements that I would benefit from working with. Thank you 🙏🏻

Tricia van der Walde

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This was my second time practicing this sequence and it remains my favourite.... this week. After a day of snow activities, this class really helped me to get myself back to earth. I'm feeling grounded and reassured. 

Cary Lawrence



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