An Invitation from Barrie

Join our thriving community of continuing students and teachers dedicated to deepening practice ON and BEYOND the mat.

The Skillful Yogi is the online studio of choice for selective, savvy practitioners. We’re yogis who’ve been at this long enough to know what works for our bodies, and that it’s not necessarily the studio down the street, or the free class on Youtube, that will satisfy our needs for richly-textured, refined asana practice.

I would love to welcome you to our community of seasoned, respectful, and inspired practitioners and yoga teachers from around the world.

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What you will get...

Yogi Home Companion

Timeless wisdom for living yoga thoughtfully prepared for you.

5 days a week

Weekly Classes

Creative and expertly-sequenced alignment-based asana classes. 


Meditation and Pranayama

to explore the more subtle, internal practices of yoga.


Teaching Talks

on yogic life designed to inspire and support your ever-evolving practice.


Live Online Q&A

Get answers to all your practice and teaching questions.


Teachers' Lounge

Enriching and lively conversations about the most intriguing teaching-related topics, featuring guest teachers and experts.



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