Journey Through the Koshas


Live Online Workshop Saturday, June 19  |  11am-1pm EDT

The five sheaths, or koshas, are a map of embodiment in the yoga tradition. They describe the human being as a series of interpenetrating and interconnected layers from gross to subtle.

It’s a model that not only can help you understand yourself and your ever-deepening journey in yoga, but also the holistic nature of yoga practice as a discipline that addresses and harmonizes each part of your being.

Join me for this live online workshop where you’ll explore each of the five koshas through asana, breathwork, inquiry, and meditation. I hope (and suspect) you’ll leave feeling more integrated, balanced, and connected to your innate sense of wholeness.

Cost: $25 USD









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The Quaterly Live Workshop Series

with Barrie Risman, E-RYT 500, YACEP


Join Barrie each season to elevate your practice, fuel your inner journey, and inspire your teaching with refined, alignment-based asana infused with the wisdom teachings of yoga philosophy.

Each workshop is held online and is eligible for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. 

Upcoming dates:  October 2, 2021 | February 5, 2022