Life from the Center: Yoga for Peace, Power, and Presence

Saturday, October 21, 2023  |  2-5pm

Morpho Bleu Studio, Montreal 


Is it time for new inspiration for your yoga practice and teaching?

Are you ready to discover how yoga can help you adapt to change with greater ease and acceptance? 

Would you like to know with certainty that you have the inner resources to process life's challenges so you can move forward, toward becoming who you really wish to be?

 Yoga teaches that within each of us, just below the surface of our ordinary awareness, lies a reservoir of equanimity. More than that, it gives us reliable ways to access it - not just on our mats and cushions, but in our daily lives.

As we forge a connection to the steady ground of our inner being, it becomes a source of stability that empowers us to meet life with greater clarity and courage

Join me for this in-person workshop to explore the practices and perspectives to return to center and get anchored in the core of strength and steadiness within. 

The afternoon will include postural practice, breathwork, and guided meditation, and interactive discussion. 

You’ll leave with tools to nurture your spiritual well-being in the weeks and months to come.


This workshop is designed for practitioners of all styles with at least one year of yoga experience. To fully participate, please ensure you can comfortably transition from the floor with the assistance of a chair and can bear weight on your hands. 


$65 + taxes until October 10

$75 + taxes after October 10



Morpho Bleu Studio

4260 Avenue Girouard, 3rd floor

Montreal, QC H4A 3C9











Loved yesterday’s workshop! 

BetsyAnn Baron

Thank you again for the event, it was educational and inspiring. I truly appreciate your expertise, diligence and creativity.

Valerie Herzog

It was the best 2 hours I have spent in a long time! Thank you most heartily.

Jill Harrington

Thank you for the great workshop. I could not stop writing after the meditation. I felt deep inside my heart an immense calm and joy…A wonderful experience of connecting with my deepest self. Rare.


Monique Lacas

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your recent workshop… your workshops always seem so timely… why is that?!?


Lucy Hunter