Now More Than Ever: Taking Hold Of The Renewing Power Of Spirit

Dec 18, 2018

As we wind down toward the darkest day of the year, here's a timely reminder about the ever-increasing preciousness of slowing down to wake up, and finding the regenerative power in our practices:

Strategies that guide, inform, and illuminate our actions in yoga, infusing our practice with spiritual insight.-8.png

From Chapter 9 of my forthcoming book, "Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practice":

"...the importance of resetting ourselves, of taking time to slow down, to come back to our physicality, to release stress on a regular basis, has become even more crucial to maintain a sense of balance and harmony. It is vitally necessary for our well-being. Not only must we prioritize time dedicated to removing ourselves from the world of our screens, we need reliable and effective ways for restoring a sense of physical and energetic integration to our beings.

Yoga practice is, of course, an optimal way to renew ourselves. Yoga class remains (hopefully) one of the last places where we disconnect from our devices for an hour or so. But even more powerfully, in practice we bring the energy of the mind back down into the body, the breath, and the organic, physical reality of our material existence.

We reawaken to our primitive, sensual, and instinctual nature.

We give refuge to the mind, provide a resting place for the senses, an opportunity for them to pause from their outgoing movement. We emerge with a renewed sense of clarity, balance, and harmony. The value of bringing the mind into the body and staying there for a while has only gotten more precious.

Through unplugging from our outer lives for a little while, we give ourselves the chance to actually plug into the most empowering and nourishing sources of renewal we have: our own breath, our own awareness, our own inner being. We emerge recharged, nourished, and bolstered to meet our lives anew."

What are the practices that provide a resting place for you body, mind, heart, and soul?


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