"May I Not Be Limited By What I Think I Know"

Feb 07, 2019

"May I not be limited by what I think I know."

This has been one of the prayers I've often made at the start of my practice and study in yoga.

May I simply be open to receive, to learn, to grow beyond (and sometime, despite) any expectations I may have.

Being a student of yoga - it’s one of the most essential skills we can hone for longevity not only in practice, but in teaching.

The truth is, over my 20 years of sharing these practices, I haven't always felt like I was a skilled teacher. But even during those times when I've doubted my abilities as a teacher, I ALWAYS had faith in my abilities as a student.

My willingness to learn, to question, to try things out, to find out when I wasn't sure, and ultimately to approach everything about yoga, both practice and teaching, not as a finite subject mastered in a given number of training hours, but as a lifelong path of self-discovery, all this has served me well.

And, of course, it's the most valuable thing I can offer to students - teaching them HOW to be students of yoga and the incredible opportunity it affords us.

We know that the best teachers are the one who continually seek out new avenues for growth, for refinement of their skills, for guidance, input and support, right?

Well, this is exactly the spirit I see reflected in our membership. Knowing that there is wisdom in NOT KNOWING. Owning our skills and knowledge with confidence, while at the same time embracing the truth that there will ALWAYS be more for us to know, to learn, to understand. And, perhaps most importantly, recognizing and welcoming studentship in yoga as a precious opportunity for unending growth.

This is why I'm so excited about the re-launch of my Online Teacher Mentoring Program next month. This Spring, beginning March 18, we'll dive into topics like:

🔑 Creative, fresh and intelligent PROGRESSIVE SEQUENCING
🔑 Next-level THEMING to touch the hearts of your students
🔑 ALL THINGS BUSINESS - Finding your niche, getting gigs, marketing yourself and more
Planning outstanding WORKSHOPS & CLASS SERIES
🔑 Teaching BEGINNERS
🔑 ADDRESSING SPECIAL NEEDS - Pose modifications and variations 2.0, adapting your teaching to serve all your students, specific populations, and non-traditional settings

All in the good company of other curious AND seasoned students like us. All online, all downloadbla, and all at your own pace, whereever and whenever you wish.

Pre-work begins March 1.

If you, like me, recognize how necessary studentship is to becoming a sought-after, stand-out teacher, and you're ready to take your skills to the next level of authenticity, refinement and impact, I'd love to have you with us.


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