Flow, Reimagined

Apr 02, 2020


The other day, I stood on a small bridge focusing on the sound and energy of the stream flowing beneath me.
I experienced it differently than at other times.
Instead of my usual feeling of moving head-on into the flow, I felt the stream supporting me from behind. 
It was incredibly comforting, the feeling of letting go and being gently propelled into the flow, imagining myself like that stream moving forward with such grace and sweetness.
It was a clear lesson in the value of periodically releasing everything: my fear, worries, anxieties, and also my ideas, plans, to-do items. In that release there’s trust. Trust that I’m supported, like all of us, as we’re thrust forward into these uncertain times. 
Trust in a bigger flow, a larger movement that I am a part of.
Trust that when I can move in harmony with that flow life feels more manageable.
Since that experience, my breath has served the same function: To support me to release and flow. 
We’re all being moved into the unknown right now, so perhaps this is comforting to you like it was to me. To put yourself into that place of trust and flow. To imagine yourself fully releasing, like that stream, means it’s possible, in moments at least, to fearlessly moving forward into these new and uncertain times with a peaceful, rhythmic, and gentle energy.


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