A Video Sequence For Shoulders And Wrists: Letting Go!

Nov 02, 2016


From where I sit in Southern Quebec it’s clear that this week is about letting go. In nature, of course, that is happening gracefully, organically and precisely as it should be. In my own very human life, however, letting go isn’t always that natural or easy. Why is it that my mind and body clearly prefer holding on to unproductive thoughts and limiting patterns rather than releasing into the great joy of just letting it all fall away? Hmmm...The good news is there's yoga!

By releasing tension and temporarily turning the mind inside, yoga invites us to surrender habitual patterns of movement, thought and feeling and welcome in more ease, freedom and inner calm.

The value of letting go is immense. It refreshes us and creates space for clarity to emerge. Whether its how to better align our hands in Downward Dog, or taking a fresh look at a situation we’ve been dealing with, letting go allows us to see new possibility in familiar places.

Shoulders and upper back, not to mention our dear, over-worked wrists are areas where many of us tend to hold on and feel stuck. Here’s a refreshing 12-minute sequence that can be done as a warm-up or stand alone stretch session to help you release body, breath and mind.

Here’s a related post I wrote last fall on seeing yoga as fundamentally a practice of undoing the layers of resistance and habits we’ve built up, rather than one of doing


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