Your Virtual Guest Teacher

Support your local studio by taking Barrie's classes online. 

This is a special offer where 80% of each sale goes directly to your studio, to help all of us bridge the gap in practice and community during this unprecedented and uncertain time.  

Make sure you use the link provided by your teacher or studio and enroll using the same browser.

Weekly Classes with Barrie

Take a brand-new, expertly-guided class each week for only $8.

It’s simple: A new class is offered every week. They're available from Friday morning until the following Thursday night, and then they're gone.

Each class is different - some form-based, others flow - yet always creatively-sequenced with clear instruction and exquisite attention to alignment.

Like your in-person studio classes, these classes don't hang around, so grab it while it's fresh and be delighted each and every week. 

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