Love Your Yoga!

Online Practice Courses with Barrie Risman, E-RYT 500, YACEP

As yoga teachers and committed practitioners, we know that independent practice - what we do when no one else is watching - is essential for going deeper in yoga. It’s how we make the practices our own, and where our yoga can serve and nurture us exactly in the way we need. We also know that busy schedules and the demands of daily life can make getting the mat a real challenge.

These 6-week courses are designed to transform your relationship to your practice! You'll learn and practice simple, effective ways to engage with, value and cherish your yoga. And, you'll receive ongoing support from me and access to all course materials for a full year once you sign up.

What participants are saying about Love Your Yoga!:

"Keep up the great work and thank you so much Barrie. You’ve really helped me solidify my practice and that has had an enormously positive impact on all parts of my home life, my mental and physical well-being and my teaching."

"Barrie is truly an alchemist of a teacher, blending clear, detailed alignment instruction with a deep, personally-lived connection to the One."

"This course has helped me to acknowledge that that what I really want from my practice is mental space and calm; a moment to myself, free from the responsibilities of work, family and domestic stuff (always excuses to not practice!) It is this peace and calm that I seek rather than excelling at physical postures... Thank you Barrie for asking the right questions and reminding me of these things that I know, deep down."

"I am, FINALLY, carving out proper, regular time for my own personal practice, getting up 3 times a week and practising from 6-7:15am while my husband looks after our toddler when he wakes up.  I am so happy."

Engaging course content is far richer than what any online studio offers, including:

  • 9 Practice sequences for 3 classes of poses in 30, 60 and 90 minute versions
  • 3 Video recordings of the 90-minute sequences
  • 10 Video tutorials with additional mini-sequences for more specialized work in poses.
  • Additional videos with alignment-based technical guidance and sequencing tips
  • 5 Guided inquiry sessions to deepen your practice
  • Practical advice for structuring your practice and troubleshooting challenges.
  • Online forum for support, input and Q&A with me anytime!
  • The downloads are yours to keep, and you‘ll have access to the online course materials for one year.

Courses can be taken in any order and there is no pre-requisite!

COURSE 1: Arm Balances, Forward Bends and Spinal Twists

You'll explore a full range of postures to work toward stronger arm balances, deeper forward bends and more refined action in spinal twists. Practices are sequenced to reinforce key actions and alignments that prepare you to go progressively deeper in each class of poses.  You'll learn the benefits, key principles for practicing and sequencing, and how to work with the particular challenges in each of these classes of poses . Mini-sequences include Handstand, Twisting from the Inner Body, Hamstring Stretches and more. In our reflective inquiries you'll discover the valuable gifts of your personal practice in your life, how you can work with and learn from your injuries and physical limitations, how to recognize your tendencies and create greater balance in your practice,  the opportunity of working with challenging poses,  and much more!

Cost: $325 CDN (all taxes included) Sign up now for a special rate of $225, a savings of $100!

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COURSE 2: Backbends, Hip Openers and Hanumanasana

This course focuses on the hallmarks of alignment-based asana practice and how to apply principles of progressive sequencing to go deeper, safely, in hip openers, backbends and Hanumanasana (a pose that's really in a class of it's own!).  You'll learn keys to working more effectively and accessing a deeper level of refinement in all these classes of poses, plus much more technical information and inspiration  to support your practice. Mini-sequences include Steps to Urdhva Dhanurasana, Padmasana with a focus on taking care of your knees, Supta Virasana, Shoulder and Wrist stretches, Calves, ankles and feet focus , Sirsasana preps, Sarvangasana preps and more! Our reflective inquiries focus on transformative approaches to practice. You'll learn how transformation actually happens in yoga and powerful approaches  to practice that will immediately deepen and expand your yoga!

Cost: $325 CDN (all taxes included) Sign up now for a special rate of $225.

Sign up for both courses for only $300 CDN, a savings of $350!