I'm a yoga teacher and teacher-trainer based in Montreal, Quebec. I’ve been teaching alignment-based, heart centered hatha yoga for 18 years. Most recently, I’m the creator of the Skillful Yogi Mentoring Program for Yoga Teachers and Love Your Yoga!, an online practice course for teachers and dedicated students. I also write a weekly blog dedicated to yoga practice and understanding.  You can read more about me and my yoga background here.  Everything I offer is with the intention of giving yoga teachers and students tools to:

  • Deepen, refine and evolve your yoga practice.
  • Inspire your curious, mindful and transformative engagement with yoga.
  • Integrate and expand the benefits of your practice into your life.

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to supporting you on your yoga journey!

Recently published in Elephant Journal:

How Yoga Made me a Better Jew

Reflecting on my Jewish upbringing, one thing stands out: In all my years of studying Jewish law, participating in customs and rituals, and singing prayers to the heavens, I can’t recall ever actually feeling anything inside. While I now know there is a beautiful, rich, and deeply sacred mystical tradition in Judaism, this wasn‘t something I learned about growing up. Read more here.

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