"Newbie here! Can you please send me your favourite go to words for cueing gracefully and poetically? Thank you!!"

" I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years and I still get a little unsure about cueing when you are teaching a multi-level of brand new and experienced students."

"Do you use props? Why or why not?"

These are some of the posts I read this morning over on a yoga teachers' group.

I just love the spirit of inquiry reflected in these questions. To me, curiosity and openness to learning is prerequisite for becoming a great yoga teacher. A teacher who asks questions and is committed to their own studentship in yoga? Well, that’s the one I seek out and want to learn from.

We know that yoga is a path of lifelong learning and growth. Isn’t teaching as well? As you begin and continue teaching, questions naturally arise based on your real-life experience. Real students, with real bodies in real-life teaching situations are the best sources of ongoing learning if we have the structure and support to process what comes up in class.

This is why I’m thrilled to announce the return of my Skillful Yogi teacher mentoring program this Spring.

I first started leading this online program "way back" in 2015 at the request of teachers who were just starting out and, naturally, feeling a bit overwhelmed and under-confident with putting their training into practice. They were trained, certified and technically “ready.” They had opportunities to bring this yoga they loved to classes of students like all of us. Only, they felt like they needed more.

And options… were limited.

Another yoga training or certification seemed to be an expensive and time-consuming track resulting in having even MORE information to process… which seemed almost counter-intuitive.

While they may not have put it into words, at this stage… there simply was no place to go for the community and support necessary to assimilate and integrate all they had received in training. There was no mentorship available to help yoga teachers bring all they knew, all they loved, and all they had become… into their own classes.

Beginning in a few weeks, I’ll be sharing a streamlined version of that original program, I can’t wait to get started!

I’ll be taking a small group through the most-requested topics for going beyond the basics of great teaching to take your skills to the next level of impact, authenticity, effectiveness.

You’ll get answers to your questions, clarify your understanding, fill in the gaps of your knowledge and receive clear guidance in further refining your teaching skills.

You’ll leave grounded in your abilities, confident in serving your students, and more inspired than ever to share your unique gifts. You’ll emerge as a stand-out teacher in your local community who guides, inspires and empowers students not only to DO yoga, but to LOVE yoga!

Topics, format, and all the course package details are right here:

Pre-work begins March 1. 

If you’re ready to take your teaching to the next level of impact and effectiveness as a sought-after voice in your local community, I’d love to welcome you.

This program is eligible for 6 Continuing Education (non-contact hours) credits in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards.

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