I'm not making this up. Even Patanjali points out, in Yoga Sutra 1.22, that there are different types of students in yoga. Not better, not worse, just different. Distinct levels of students, who progress along the path at different speeds according to their character. He talks about the casual, the moderate, the intense, and the super-intense student.

It’s not just Patanjali either. The yogic tradition loves to categorize. As far as I know, there are several other places where we find delineation between TYPES of yogis.

THE CASUAL STUDENT: In the modern-day yoga culture, this might be akin to, say, the student that always and only attends the free classes at Lululemon, doesn’t matter who’s teaching or what style, it’s free yoga!

THE MODERATE STUDENT: This might describe the student who attends the drop-in class at the local Y or the studio closest to home and ONLY at the time that’s most convenient for them.

Or, moving along the spectrum, there’s the INTENSE STUDENT who might be the one who buys the class card, and makes it a priority to attend class regularly with a specifically-chosen teacher and style.

And, then there are the SUPER-INTENSE yogis, the ones who are ALL-IN, for whom yoga isn't just a practice it's a way of living. These are the MEMBERS, the ones who join, who commit, who’ve settled on where they practice, and with whom.

And it’s NOT a matter ONLY of convenience, or location. These yogis commit because they’re selective. They know what works for them. They know the importance of continually refining and deepening their practice, going above and beyond what they teach to feel inspired and excited about what they offer.

They commit because they’ve found what they want - the teacher, the practices, the community that really serves them. (These students, by the way, are the ones who are said to PROGRESS most quickly.)

They join because they know that by committing they become free from having to decide. And, we all know the relief that comes from having ONE LESS THING TO THINK ABOUT. Big exhale.

Because this last category defines our Skillful Yogi community, I realized it was out of alignment for me NOT to offer a yearly rate.

Because we are the yogis who are ALL IN. We’re the fortunate ones who’ve landed, who’ve found the home and community that helps us to thrive in our practice and our teaching.

One of our members shared this about why her decision to go all-in was a no-brainer:

"It's just the perfect program for me. I get classes, inspiration, meditation and philosophy all in one convenient place. I like the platform you use, its very easy to navigate. And I have realized I have gotten VERY picky with who I want as a yoga teacher, I no longer want to go to just any teacher I want someone inspiring and alignment based - it just works for my body. 30$ a month (well now even cheaper) is something that fits into my budget so it was an easy choice!!"

Our new yearly rate is an incredible value at $300CAD. You get two-months free and all-inclusive access to our online classes, courses and workshops. All available anytime, to engage with wherever, whenever, and as often as you’d like.

Questions about how The Skillful Yogi can serve you and your teaching? Message me with any questions.