Being and Becoming


Some teachers will tell you that yoga is not a path, that it’s a journey and not a destination. That it’s simply about being present to what is.

I partially agree with this. Yoga IS a way of BEING with ourselves, a practice of inner attention, a way of seeing and responding to what ‘is’, with a stance of compassion and unconditional self-acceptance. Yoga IS in the things we do that we call yoga. Yoga IS the practices.

But it’s more than that, because JUST that can feel aimless and undirected. And, for me, the gifts of yoga are cumulative and progressive.

Yoga is also a process of BECOMING. It’s a path we travel. Yoga sets us on a clear trajectory toward inner expansion, freedom, and greater consciousness in every part of our lives.

Yoga has a goal. And that goal is awakening to the fullness of our inner being and, from that experience, becoming more benevolent human beings.

Isn’t it the case that over time (even after a single class) we are shifted as people as a result of these practices?

Yes, Yoga is in the BEING, 
but it’s also in the BECOMING.

It’s the journey AND the destination.

And, of course, the two go hand in hand, it’s the BEING, the daily things we do, that lead to what we BECOME. The choices we make in the present moment feed the arc of expansive shift that happens over time.

As you look back on your yoga life, what shifts have you experienced? How are you different? Are you becoming a KINDER person? More compassionate? More accepting of yourself and others? How has your life been made richer by your practice?

Where is YOUR practice taking you – moment-to-moment AND over time?

The choices we make today determine the way we evolve yoga over time. It’s not haphazard or random, it’s an intentional journey. And, we all need to be accompanied with a supportive framework along the way.

We need guideposts, checkpoints, a sounding board, and encouragement to ensure that what we are doing is, indeed helping us to become who we wish to be.

We need DAILY, FRESH, INSPIRED support for both the day-to-day ways we practice AND for the long haul – for continuing down the path toward becoming, integrating our yoga, living it more and more fully.

This is what we’re creating in my Skillful Yogi Online Practice & Study community. It’s a welcoming, respectful home for teachers and continuing students who honor both the journey and destination, the practices and understanding, the being and becoming.

If this integrated approach to yoga resonates with you, I hope you’ll reach out to me to learn more.