Bursting the Bubble

A studio owner once told me that she wanted her space to be like a bubble, a place where students could temporarily escape their worries and be surrounded by an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and good vibes.


Wow, sounds great, I thought.

I really like and respect this person, and actually, I love what she’s created. Yet, something didn’t fully resonate with the bubble idea. It got me thinking about how I approach practice and teaching.

I completely agree that we all need healthy ways to escape, regularly. Time alone, self-care appointments, things that give us relief from the stresses of daily life are rejuvenating and VERY necessary. I love those “Calgon – Take me away!” moments of my day (for those of you who remember those old commercials). Yoga practice can certainly fill this important need to just get away from it all for a while. ESPECIALLY on a day like today, when the weight of the world weighs so heavily on us. You can bet I'll be soaking in a hot bath tonight!🛁

For me, though, yoga is at its MOST powerful (and exciting) when we use it not ONLY to escape our lives but also to learn how to approach our lives with greater presence, compassion, and purpose.

Have you ever gone back to work after a vacation and quickly (like by lunchtime on your first day back) felt like the vacation never even happened?

Wouldn’t it be great if your vacation could also give you the tools to carry the ease you felt and the remembrance of what’s most important to your regular life? That’s what yoga is for me.

The thing I LOVE AND TREASURE MOST about practice is how it helps me become the person I want to be the other 22.5 hours of my day.

So, I use my practice to cultivate the qualities I want to experience more of, to show up for the rest of my life with. I practice to interact with myself - my body, my breath, and my mind - in a way that fosters more awareness, a greater understanding of and compassion for my struggles. And, honestly, sometimes this is simply about trying to keep my wits about me as I navigate these crazy times we are living in.

This is why yoga - at its best and most powerful - is NOT an escape for me, but more like a training, with less and less distinction between practice time and life. And this is what I endeavor to bring to my teaching, to help students uncover the POWER and POTENTIAL of yoga to infuse itself into every area of their lives.

If you’re ready to burst the bubble and live your yoga even more fully, it would be my honour to accompany you on this next step in your yoga journey. It begins with my upcoming, free webinar on MARCH 1. The link to the recording will be sent to you if you can’t participate live.