➡️ What brought you to yoga? 
➡️ What keeps you coming back? 
➡️ How has your practice evolved over time?

I’ve been practicing yoga for a quarter of a century. My practice has varied widely over this time. There have been periods when I’ve practiced asana for two to three hours, sat for extended periods of meditation, and chanted sacred texts daily. There have been times when my practice was whatever I did for twenty minutes on my mat.

While the form, frequency, and purpose of my practice has changed, my yoga practice has been a constant companion through all life’s ups and downs. For me, practice is a way to express joy in times of celebration and achievement. It buoys me and provides perspective in times of loss and grief. It helps me harness courage in the face of challenges and find clarity in times of confusion. It restores me on every level… 

As we continue over time, the question is not if our yoga practice will evolve, it’s how. Yoga can and will adapt in form, frequency, and content to serve us throughout our lifetime. Our task as yogis is to get more skilled in knowing when and how to shift our practice so that yoga can continue to serve us and so that we can continue to grow as practitioners…

As a lifelong path of conscious living and inner expansion, the possibilities that yoga offers us are practically endless! Asking questions and inquiring into our own reasons for practice is an exciting paradigm shift because it allows us to engage with yoga not just as something we “do” but as a dynamic part of our lives that continually unfolds. 

When we approach yoga as lifelong path of self-discovery and learning, our practice evolves, and we evolve as a result of our practice. It’s a dynamic process. 

---From "Evolving Your Yoga: Ten Principles for Enlightened Practice"