On a cold, dark afternoon here in Quebec (where it's only 4:30pm but might as well be 9), comments like these from our members are warming my heart right up: 

"I am LOVING The Skillful Yogi! It's just what I needed, when I didn't even really know what I needed ;)"

"Thank you for everything you shared with us the past few months. You helped me to maintain and nourish my home practice when I was in need of ideas, inspiration, or just company and guidance. It's quite a privilege to have such an easy access to your great knowledge and wisdom." 

Here's's a little 12-minute tour of all that's available to you as a member of The Skillful Yogi, our thriving, online collective of yoga teachers and continuing students from around the world (up to 9 countries and counting!) dedicated to deepening their practice and living their yoga.

Part home for seasoned yogis, part online studio, part online retreat site, I'm pretty proud of what we're creating here.

Take a look around, I'd love to know what you think.

If The Skillful Yogi calls out to you, I'd love to welcome you to our community.

Charter membership rates are available for just a few more weeks.