“Love this sequence. Thank you!”


“That was a fabulous sequence Barrie and, like you, I was well prepared for Natarajasana. It was very informative for me on how much the thighs are at play in this pose.”

When I get comments like this from members of The Skillful Yogi, I know I’m on the right track. They aren’t just saying these things to be nice. They really mean it.

We’re a collective of seasoned practitioners and teachers who know better than to take an interesting and effective practice for granted. We know that there’s an art and a science to creative and intelligent sequencing. One that can be experienced and learned.

We’ve just completed “Advancing Your Asana,” our 8-week foray into exploring complex poses for practice and teaching through skillful, progressive and creative sequencing.

Today, I’m making this series available to everyone for immediate download.

We’ve covered some of the more interesting standing poses, backbends, arms balances, inversions, twists, and more.

Classes are all-levels and designed to challenge you as a practitioner and inspire you as a teacher.

Each class breaks down specific actions and component parts to make some of the more advanced postures understandable and approachable. You'll learn clear and accessible ways to practice and teach these fun and challenging poses.

PS: This series is FREE for members of The Skillful Yogi. You get unlimited access anytime, anywhere. Plus more than 30 other classes waiting for you immediately, with new classes added every week, plus guided meditation, plus daily inspiration for living yoga, plus 1:1 guidance for your practice and teaching, plus, plus, plus. Really. $30/month CAD gets you in as a charter member, but only for a few more weeks.