You Are the Sky


I wrote this post several years ago, and I'm considering it again on this grey and rainy end to a grey and rainy week. The inner weather report. It's been a game changer for me.

Tomorrow, I'll be welcoming a small group of our Skillful Yogi members to a small-group retreat in Sutton. I can't wait to welcome these 15 teachers, some of whom I've known for more than a decade, some of whom I've yet to meet in person.

I have no doubt that whatever the outer weather, the sun will be shining brightly within the walls of our gathering.

It's how yoga and community works. Together, we BECOME the sky, we clear away the clouds, we restore ourselves, we emerge bright, clear and shining.

If you're a yoga teacher who knows you would benefit from the the support of a seasoned, friendly, and respectful community of yogis dedicated to inner exploration and shining our light more brightly for those we serve, I'd love to welcome you to The Skillful Yogi.