By Rote or Remote?

Congratulations! You made it to your mat. Whether in a studio, YMCA, or your living room, you’ve shown up.

That certainly deserves applause because yoga, like any other pursuit, works best through repeated effort over time. Abhyasa in the tradition, neuroplasticity in scientific terms. Whatever we label it, it’s true that the most important thing you can do in yoga is simply to keep showing up.

And, yet, there is SO MUCH MORE. 

And here’s where the question of HOW comes in. Not just DO you practice (I’m pretty sure that you do, at least most of the time), but HOW, how do you practice?

By rote? Mechanically, uninspired and just going through the motions?

Or by remote? Your body is there but your mind is scattered, distant, distracted?


Believe me, I’ve been in both of those places!

I’m here to tell you: It doesn’t have to be that way.

Think about the sunrise. It happens consistently without fail. And every day is new and different. It’s not always unforgettable, or spectacular. Sometimes its quiet, muted. But every day it is unique, and fully WHAT IT IS. It is perfect.

Your yoga practice can be the same way. By approaching your practice through the lens of the timeless (yet exceedingly relevant) wisdom at the heart of this living tradition, practice is never the same because WE are never the same. Our bodies, our minds, our needs are always changing. It’s like viewing a masterpiece of art. We can do it again and again and always get something new, different, and more nuanced out of it. When we learn how to engage with practice this way, it never gets old because it is a continual unfolding of the truth illuminating our present experience. We get insight, we see nuances, we make shifts. It is exciting!

“Principles for an Enlightened Practice” are approaches, entry points into practice that are designed to help you make your yoga new and uniquely yours every day.

They are the keys I have found over 25 years of practice to experience freshness and greater enjoyment and extract deeper benefit in my practice every day. And to INTEGRATE all the juicy insights and aha moments I get on my mat into my life.

Join me for my upcoming, free webinar to start working with these transformational approaches to practice so that every day you show up it’s new and perfect, like the sunrise.