Getting Comfortable with Paradox

There’s a fundamental conundrum in our journey as yogis. It's the fact that we are embodied spirits. We have a finite life, a body, an individual identity with its personality and preferences. At the very same time, yoga tells us, we also have a mystical, expansive, sublime, and ultimately infinite nature. Both are truths.

Spiritual wisdom, therefore, is also always paradoxical because it reflects this dual-perspective on human existence and our journey toward self-knowledge as essentially a dance, like the swing of a pendulum, between the two polarities of body and spirit, fleeting and eternal, mundane and sacred.

As long as we are alive, the essential paradox of being an “embodied spirit” might never fully be resolved. And that’s okay. In yoga we are asked to get comfortable with it, and even celebrate it. We recognize the absolute, transcendent, unchanging nature of our being, while simultaneously embracing the reality of our relative, everyday existence. This includes, of course, the physical body. Yoga is a journey where we use the mundane to know the spiritual. In practice, we employ the mind and body to nurture an experience that is beyond both mind and body. For this simple reason, practice at its essence is a dance between opposites. Skillfully navigating the play between the polarities of our existence is at the heart of yoga practice.

Indeed, the original promise of yoga was the possibility of Jivanmukti, becoming a liberated soul. From the start, the idea that the transcendent essence within the human being could be known in this lifetime, in this very body was the goal of yoga. Out of this vision arose a set of practices and teachings, all based on this basic idea that one could experience freedom from the confines of the body and the temporal world while still inhabiting both.

Even if this is not our particular goal for practice, I think all of us, on some level, do yoga as a way to restore a more expanded awareness of ourselves. We may or may not recognize that as a mystical, sacred essence. Nevertheless, I think one of the more intangible, yet precious, benefits of practice is that it helps us remember that we are somehow part of something bigger than our ordinary sense of ourselves, and that we are more that just what our minds tell us.

One of the most unique skills we develop as yogis is the ability to traverse the polarities of our existence as embodied spirits, as both individual beings and universal awareness. This dichotomy is especially apparent for those of us who use asana as a major part of our sadhana or part of our path of self-development. The idea of using the body to explore the spirit, of fully inhabiting our physicality for the sake of going beyond it is fascinating, isn't it? It's one of the reasons why posture practice is especially potent. Through it, we have the opportunity to actually embody spirit, to cultivate the transcendent within our very flesh and bones.

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