Yoga for Real Life: Neck Relief

One of the biggest misconceptions about being a yoga teacher is that all we do is teach yoga. Any yoga teacher will tell you that there is a lot for us to do outside of class including e-mail correspondence, class and workshop planning, and schedule organizing. Like many, much of our day might be spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

This is particularly true once mid-September rolls around. Life and work tends to moves into a whole different gear. The relaxed, loose rhythm of the summer gives way to school schedules and more structure to our days. While I’m always a bit wistful about the end of summer, there is also something exciting about the opportunity that a more scheduled life affords, including time to apply myself more consistently to the work I love, like reviving this blog!

However, one of the areas in my own body where I can feel the effects of this increased productivity right away is my neck and shoulders. Even with my ergonomically-optimal computer setup, regular self-reminders about maintaining good alignment while typing, and taking frequent breaks, these areas definitely need more TLC these days.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you can benefit from these simple exercises that you can do right now:

4 Easy Neck Stretches

Bonus: Setu Bandha Neck Strengthener

This is a great neck strengthener I learned from Desiree Rumbaugh years ago. I use it to begin my practice when my neck stuff is acting up or at the end of practice to release any tension that may have built up in my neck and jaw.