February Bookmarkasana

This is the monthly feature where I permit myself to veer from writing strictly about yoga to share some noteworthy links and media I’ve discovered or re-discovered. Here is my list for this month:

  • In the category of “most un-likely place to find a yogi” is this hilarious interview with Jim Carrey.  It reveals a deep understanding based on years of spiritual practice.
  • I’m excited about my most recent vegetarian food blog find. Every recipe I have tried from Kate is a winner. I made this one last night. And, she does yoga!
  •  Re-discovered gem: Donald Moyer’s 2006 book, Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body is excellent. I wish he had made a recording of the practices in here. Still, it's a rich source of inspiration for refining your practice and exploring more subtle alignment. And, it includes pretty much everything you could ever want to know about Sirsasana and Sarvangasana.
  • An interesting read on the connection between strong legs and healthy brains (read: keep practicing standing poses!)
  • Finally, to bring it back to yoga, for all you back benders, give Maty Ezraty’s deep backbends practice a try.