Teachers, Please Take Your Seats

Last weekend, I was privileged to sit at the front of the room, leading a workshop for 20 enthusiastic students, most of whom are also teachers.

This coming weekend, I will relish the opportunity to take my seat as a student of the teachings of yoga.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the teachers I am most deeply inspired by are not necessarily the ones who teach to huge numbers, nor do they have the most polished presentation. They are not necessarily the teachers with the most magnetic charisma, nor are they the ones that can effortlessly achieve every asana.

Often, the most inspiring, effective and authentic teachers are mostly just sincere students, sharing what they’ve assimilated and integrated on their own path of learning.

The teachers I learn the most from are those whose commitment to their practices shines through their teaching, bringing it alive with the energy of their own experience and inquiry. It sparks within me the longing to practice with the same dedication, which in turn, hopefully allows me to offer the fruits of my own learning to students.

My online mentoring program is designed to provide an accessible way for yoga teachers to take the seat of the student so they can become better teachers. I believe it is unique, and transformative program, and one that, comparatively, does not require a large commitment of time or resources. There is still time to join us for our winter session beginning February 1.