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It’s a great week to step back, take an honest look at your personal asana practice and consider where you want to move it in the months ahead.

Here are 5 questions to get you thinking:

·      What is the state of your practice? Think in terms of frequency, duration and content. Given the role yoga plays for you in the larger scheme of your life (which is different for all of us at different times), is it where you want it to be? If not, what shifts would you like to make that will best serve you?

·      What is the absolute minimum number of times per week that you wish to practice this fall? Make this number low enough so you can commit to never going below it.

·      Which pose or groups of poses do you wish to focus on in the coming season?

·      What can you commit to doing 10 minutes of everyday for the next 3 months? (Hint: inversions, abdominal strengtheners, Surya Namaskar or standing poses are all great answers to this question if they are not already part of your regular routine)

·      And, perhaps most importantly, WHY is it that you want all this?

Renewing your commitment to practice on a regular basis is important. Getting clear (again) about the larger intention for your practice and articulating it to yourself becomes the fuel that drives your resolution and helps to refocus you when it veers off course.


If you are a yoga teacher interested in deepening your practice this fall, I hope you'll  consider my teacher mentoring session on Engaging with Your Personal Practice, September 21-October 16. It’s online, and includes practice sequences, videos and weekly calls. Registration closes on September 15.