The Flock and the Peloton: The Power of a Practice Group

We’re fully into the Personal Practice session of the Fall mentoring program for yoga teachers.

Like fish in a school, birds in a flock, or cyclists in a peloton, the momentum generated by travelling in a group can lighten our load and make the individual work we have to do easier and, in the case of yoga, more gratifying.

Here is what some of what participants shared at the outset:

·      Very excited about this course and this community.

·      I'm super grateful to be here. This is full disclosure from someone who hasn't had much of a personal practice in years. I've gotten to a place where I'm teaching way more than practicing. I've been teaching for about 7 years now and somehow the pendulum has swung over into that and time for adjustment. I imagine this is a pretty common situation.

·      This online course is perfect because it won't take me away from home and family.

·      I am excited to be part of this program. Ever since reading the course description, I have been looking forward to the start date. The timing feels perfect to dive into personal study with a group of like-minded individuals.

Looking back on my 20+ years of yoga, it’s clear that my practice has been steadiest, most stimulating, interesting and rewarding when I’ve had the support of a community. Maintaining and enjoying my own practice has been easiest and most fruitful when I have been accountable to others.

On the one hand, yoga is an individual and solitary pursuit, undertaken in the most intimate space of our bodies, minds and internal awareness. At the same time, taking the support of a like-minded community has always been seen as indispensible in our tradition.

In committing to a shared framework for learning and practice we are supported to meet our unique challenges and collectively celebrate our breakthroughs.

In articulating our understandings, challenges and discoveries to others we solidify and clarify them for ourselves and embed our insights more firmly into our experience.

In saying yes to being accountable to and supporting others in their process we open ourselves up for powerful shifts and insights.

It’s thrilling to me to provide the container for this group of dedicated teachers so willing to try things out, ask questions, share their experience and step beyond the boundaries of what is familiar, easy and comfortable for the sake of learning, expansion and growth.

Our second 4-week session begins on October 19. Together, and individually, will explore the wisdom of the Tantric tradition. If you are a teacher ready to take part in the collective and individual work of expanding your understanding and making the timeless and precious gems of the teachings come alive for you and your students, I hope you’ll consider joining us.