Artist, Scientist, Explorer and Pilgrim

It strikes me that there are various modes of approaching asana practice, among them:

1. Yogi as Artist (Creative mode) - Practice is an artistic expression, a symphony, a painting. The body is the instrument, the postures are the brushstrokes, the notes that come together as a unique manifestation of your spirit.

2. Yogi as Scientist (Investigative mode) – The body is the laboratory, the space for experimentation, trying things out, comparing, contrasing, observing results and noting the effects of shifting variables in your practice.

3. Yogi as Explorer (Discovery mode) -  The body is the uncharted territory, the technique is how we navigate and explore the physical and energetic terrain of the body in the forms of the postures and discover ourselves anew.

4. Yogi as Pilgrim (Devotional mode) – The body is the vehicle for reunion with the inner beloved, the postures are the heartfelt offering and the practice is the journey of honoring the sanctity of your innermost being.

It can be interesting to notice which of these stances you gravitate toward and which are less enticing. As usual, your preferences hold clues to creating more balance (i.e. what you are less attracted to might be exactly what you need.)

Adopting a new stance toward your practice allows you to play with new perspectives and filter your experience through a different lens. It can be an interesting and fun way to open doors to new insights and possiblities.