Beginning Again

Rosh Hashanah, Ganesh Chaturthi, the New Moon. This is a week of new beginnings. It's a perfect time to take hold of the energy generated by nature and the benevolent expression of shared human experience to clear away inner obstacles and begin anew.

Of course, whenever we drop the story we bring to our mats to simply breath, feel and move, it is a new beginning.


·      What happens to the rest of your day when you are able to set aside your usual preoccupations to watch, feel, breathe and move?

·      What happens to your mind (and your breath) when you bring the spirit of a new beginning to your practice?

·      What is the result of temporarily letting go of your usual ideas about yourself and practice being with yourself with unadulterated attention instead?

Surely, we begin to recognize that the state of yoga is always right there for us, lurking just beneath the surface of our thoughts, plans and assumptions, inviting us into the always-new experience of our inner being.