Caring for Spines

Did you know that spinal pain contributes more to the global burden of disease (including death and disability) than: HIV, diabetes, malaria, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, breast and lung cancer combined, traffic injuries, and lower respiratory infections?

I was in Chelsea, Quebec last week for a new project I’m delighted to be involved with.

I’m working with World Spine Care to create and launch their yoga programme. This top-notch organization is doing the important work of bringing high-quality spinal care to under-served, rural populations around the world that would otherwise have little or no access to treatment for their conditions.  Their integrated approach includes yoga practice.

I’m part of a team creating a curriculum of simple poses and practices that can be shared by local folks as part of the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of spinal pain.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to help people live with less pain, and perhaps make their lives a bit easier and more fulfilling. In short, to bring the gifts of yoga with those who will likely never have the opportunity to walk into a studio.

Let me know if you’re interested in supporting this worthwhile project.