Become a More Skilful Yogi

If you are a yoga teacher interested in expanding your understanding and perspective on yoga practice and gaining tools to facilitate your teaching, I hope you'll consider joining my online mentoring program beginning next month.

The Skilful Yogi is professional development program for yoga teachers that offers accessible, practical and empowering tools to refine your teaching skills, deepen your practice and reflect on the teachings of yoga within the support of a global community of teachers.

We have a wonderful group coming together, and I'll take a maximum of 25 students for the program.

The program is offered in three 4-week sessions that can be taken individually or as a complete 12-week semester. 

Here's more about why I was inspired to create this program.

This is some of what past participants have shared about their experience of this course:

I want to thank you for all you did to make the mentoring program such a gratifying, edifying, inspiring experience. It went far beyond my expectations and has given me a fantastic template for furthering study on my own. I was extremely impressed by the professionalism, the attention to detail, the format, the content, but most of all, by your generosity in being willing to attend to all the individual needs of the participants.~ Cindy Durack 

I feel encouraged and motivated to believe and trust in my ability to share my passion for Yoga…Even after just 3 weeks I have a sense that my practice has deepened and that my perspective has changed.~ Maud Hansen 

It was perfect. You are a wonderful teacher.~ Susan MacPhee 

Despite the fact that I am fresh out of TT, this endeavor helped to solidify what I know, and clarify what I still need to learn. What an invaluable experience.~ Cary Lawrence 

I felt I learned a lot - particularly around a way of working with philosophy in teaching that felt much more approachable, authentic and grounded in lived experience for me.~ Sara Lamb 

You cover an amazing amount of material in the meetings, and quite a wide spectrum between philosophy, teaching/class planning tips, and specifics about poses. I'm really grateful for all of it, it's very helpful to me.~ Tracy Murdoch 

The course reinforced to me in that there is so much more that I can accomplish with yoga. I mean this not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual also. Thanks again! ~ Gerard MacPhee

You can also speak with my local hosts to find out more about working with me and what the course involves:

Leanne Whiting of Grow a Lotus Yoga in Halifax, NS

Marianne Thorberg of Sun & Moon Yoga in Dorval, QC

Corey Lakusiak of Yoga at St. Mark's in Winnipeg, MB

You can register by calling Shri Yoga at 514-508-7474 or sending us an e-mail or e-transfer.