Hands to Heart

Anjali Mudra is a gesture that honors the divinity within us and within all things. Anjali means offering, and while this mudra is traditionally considered to be a stance of offering, prayer or salutation, it also holds within its form the movement from outside in, the pathway of reunion.

In practicing Anjali Mudra, we use our hands to return and center our awareness in the heart. This is significant. 

In yoga philosophy, the hands are one of the primary “organs of action” with which we interact with the world around us.

Performing Anjali Mudra (particularly at the beginning or end of class) signals our intention to infuse our mundane actions with the expansive perspective that informs our practice.

Joining our hands together in front of our hearts expresses our desire to inform what we do with the understanding of who we are.

It gives us the space to acknowledge that above all else our yoga should serve to connect us back to the greater vision we hold for our lives.

And, it offers the chance to remember that everything we do with awareness, consciousness and love becomes an offering to the larger movement of our lives toward wholeness.