Report from Wanderlust, Tremblant

Yesterday I taught the session I had been looking forward to for months – three hours to dive into the wisdom of yoga. Like other yoga teachers I imagine, writing workshop descriptions and coming up with catchy titles are not necessarily my forte, but I actually really love this one:

"Embodying Spirit: 5 Essential Teachings of Yoga - The teachings of Yoga are precious gems that renew and illumine the spirit. Sublime, transformative and life-affirming, they are awe-inspiring in their vision and promise for humanity. They are at once timeless and completely relevant for our lives right now. We take hold of the teachings to awaken our minds and ignite our hearts on the path of yoga, unfolding the magnificence of our truest selves. There, we find true nourishment, ultimate connection, and an inner fulfillment that transcends outer circumstance. We can “do” yoga for years, but it is only when we infuse our practice with the enlightened wisdom of the tradition that we become attuned to the potency of yoga’s transformative power."

During the session, we explored some of what I consider and have learned to be some of the essential (i.e. important, necessary and basic) teachings of yoga. We talked about the existence of a sacred core within the human being that can be known, some of the qualities of this essence, and the ways yoga offers us to experience it within ourselves and share it with our world.

I was pretty blown away by what the participants – lively, engaged and curious seekers – contributed to our discussion.

One woman shared that the teachings we explored were so helpful because they helped her understand some of the experiences she has in meditation.

Another person shared a moment of pure presence she experienced while being in nature. After reflecting on the teachings she could now understand this experience as a moment of touching the state of yoga and being communion with her truest Self.

And, yet another person shared that in the absence of formal religious rituals, she finds the need for creating time and space to be with herself, to pause from the busyness of everyday life and connect with an expanded reality. Rhis is what yoga has given her.

Awesome, all of it! Thank you Wanderlust for creating the time and space for us to celebrate the timeless practices and teachings of yoga in such uplifting community.