The Crescent Moon and the Hazy Sky

I recently took a walk on a warm, muggy evening at dusk. The crescent moon hung in the hazy, steel blue sky, obscured by a thin veil of clouds. Even though I couldn’t clearly make out the form of the moon, I could tell it was there and that it was sublime.

If the journey of yoga is ultimately about clearing the haze, so to speak, of the physical, energetic, mental and more subtle layers of ourselves to reveal the transcendent reality that lies hidden behind it, my experience is that this unveiling takes place gradually, in stages, eventually and over time.

To fulfill this long-term engagement with the path of yoga we have the practices. The practices  not only make us available to the experience of the true and always-radiant Self, they also help shift our vision so we can open to and perhaps even embrace the present reality of our lives right now, foggy and clouded as it might seem.

This experience reminded me (again) that much of yoga is about working with the mind and our perception of things. We can see the haze as an obstacle to seeing the sublime, or learn to appreciate it as an essential part of that journey toward an exalted and expanded vision.

The dim moonlight shining through the veil of clouds that night was beautiful, after all. There was magic and perfection in the sky that night, exactly as it was.