The Best is Yet to Come

A student who recently became a grandmother shared with me she had come to the extraordinary realization that the next 20 years could very well be the best of her life. It was wonderful to hear this and to feel her excitement and freedom as she spoke of moving into this next stage of her life.

She credits her yoga practice with creating the conditions that allowed this expansive vision of her future to take hold.

She was clear to point out that it is not only the physical practice that is important for her. It is asana practiced within the larger context of the teachings that is powerful. In other words, it is not only what she does in yoga, but doing it with the awareness and understanding of why and what she is doing it for that are ultimately transformative.

Mysterious as it may be, asana practice integrated with and informed by the wisdom of the yoga tradition can be a powerful means to expand our perspectives about who we are and what this life is all about.

The positive shifts that become possible when we take the time to breath consciously, awaken the body and turn our minds within are real, cumulative and ultimately liberating.