Spanning Earth and Sky

…we human beings live between the two realities of earth and sky…

BKS Iyengar, Light on Life

One of the most unique skills we develop as yogis is the ability to traverse the polarities of our existence as embodied spirit.

Earth is our physical reality, the plane where our material existence plays out. It includes our actions large and small, roles we play, responsibilities we fulfill, and the everyday details and mundane tasks that fill much of our day.

Hopefully, our yoga helps us to feel better and stronger physically so we can perform our actions with ease.  And, through practice we foster the centeredness and presence of mind that allows us to be more effective in all we do.

At the same time, yoga turns our attention to the sky, the realm of spirit, the transcendent reality that remains unaffected by the play of the world. It is the celestial, etheric realm that is ever present as the subtle force interpenetrating and encompassing the physical world.

Yoga teaches us how to be fully grounded on the earth while living in the remembrance of the sky. We practice to live purposefully and consciously while becoming ever more sensitive to and aware of the more mystical aspects of our beings.

In this way, Tadasana contains the whole story of our journey within it, doesn’t it?