Shiva’s Gaze


This is a closeup of the Shiva Nataraj statue at our studio. It depicts Shiva as the Cosmic Dancer.

His arms, legs, head and matted locks of hair swing wildly. Everything is in play and moving at top speed.

Yet his expression remains fixed, tranquil and serene. His gaze is fixed, unwavering, and steady amidst the ever-changing dance of the world.

One of yoga’s greatest gifts is that it gives us access to this same steadiness within our selves.  We learn how to call forth an inner stability even when worlds are in play.

We might find it via the breath, the body in the vertical axis, the central channel or many other possible entry points.

Subtly, perhaps even not quite consciously, our practice brings us back to the eternal, unchanging, underlying ground of being within our very own selves.