What Studio Owners Talk About Over Lunch

We usually start with the easy stuff: our successes, full classes, sold out workshops, and exciting initiatives.

Then, the harder stuff, like a schedule that often includes working nights and weekends, the demands of running a small business with you (and sometimes only you) at the helm and often with no formal training. The challenges of wearing all the business hats of administration, marketing, finance, and at the same time being the ‘talent’ behind the brand.

Occasionally, our conversations might reveal how we think about the larger questions that define us.

Whether we are studio owners or freelancers, here are six questions that I think deserve our attention:

 ·      How do you weigh the attention you give to your business development and the development of what you offer as a teacher?

·      How do you balance your efforts to get them in the door with your desire (and promise) to shift them?

·      How do you fulfill your roles of both business owner and teacher?

·      Do you view the people that come to you as primarily clients or students?

·      Is your most important measure of success numbers or contribution?

·      How important is it to you to build community and how do you that?

How we answer these can clarify who we are and what we hold most important and valuable about what we do. They can help direct our choices about where we place our time and energy.

Teacher, business owner, entrepreneur, community leader – successful yoga teachers are usually not just one but some combination of all of these roles. It is worth reflecting on how we tip the scales of the energy and effort we give each of them.