A Lovely Paradox

Yoga is a solitary practice. It is a path we walk with our bodies, minds and spirits. We travel down the road of inner transformation, practices in hand and the wisdom of the teachings guiding the way. In doing so, we come face to face with ourselves in the most intimate space of our own awareness. 

Yoga is meant to be practiced in community. The sangham, the community of seekers, is and has always been a fundamental part of yoga practice. We find support, encouragement and inspiration by being in the company of like-minded others. In coming together, we create a matrix to focus our energies and the effects of our individual practices are strengthened.

Though the storyline of our particular journey is uniquely ours, we are all heading in the same direction: toward healing and wholeness, greater joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Each of us treads at our own pace, doing our own work with our own set of challenges, efforts and accomplishments. And, we travel alongside others who are on the same trajectory.

It’s a lovely paradox. We walk the path alone and together.