Involution and Evolution: The 2-way Movement of Sadhana

As you travel along the path of yoga it’s helpful to remember that movement in sadhana, spiritual practice, happens in two directions.

There is the inward movement. Over time, through practice, we get to know ourselves more. We deepen our understanding of the inner terrain of our body, mind, energy, and spirit. We practice to experience the transformation, empowerment and inner freedom that becomes possible as a result of this kind of self-awareness.

And, there is the outward movement. We practice to become more fulfilled in our outer lives. Yoga practice supports us in upholding our responsibilities, meeting our challenges and celebrating our joys. We become more present and available to whatever comes our way.

Of course, these two movements work together. Travelling deeper inward bolsters our ability to expand outward. In our outer lives we draw on the knowledge and awareness we cultivate in our inner lives.

How reassuring it is to recognize that this two-way movement of sadhana – knowing the inner, embracing the outer – is in harmony with the essential pulsation inherent in all of life.

Hopefully, our practice helps us become more available to the beauty, mystery and wonder of both our inner and outer worlds.