The Scrim Effect

In the theater world, a scrim is a see-through curtain that creates a separation between what is happening down and upstage.
This is one way we might experience the kind of healthy detachment that yoga practice (especially meditation) affords us.
Known as vairagya, I think of it as the ability to see our minds and the outer situations of our lives as just a bit separate from our selves. As if looking through a scrim, you are on one side and the drama is on the other.
This separation fosters clarity and allows for a more spacious vantage point. It broadens the vista and gives us the freedom of being a bit less personally involved in our own lives for a little while. It supports reflection. It provides an opportunity to manage and perhaps shift our habitual reactions.
Practice can create a helpful distance from strong emotions like anger or fear, for example, or can diffuse the emotional charge around an unresolved situation.
This is an incredibly useful perspective to have if we are interested in understanding ourselves.