Beware the Exclamation Point

Beware the Exclamation Point


Have you noticed how easy it is to overuse the exclamation point? Myself included.

The short bursts of communication we have become accustomed to make it easy, even tempting to add that extra oomph that puts our message out there with a sense of urgency and enthusiasm. The exclamation point seems to take whatever we have to say wrap it up into a snappy little upbeat package!

We might be tempted to approach our yoga practice with the same urge toward the ‘aha’, the breakthrough, the fulfillment, the excitement of goals achieved by the end of a session.

Problem is, as we know, life’s challenges don’t often lend themselves to neat-and-tidy conclusions. Therefore, if we wish for our practice to equip us with useful tools to meet what comes our way, we are better off punctuating our practice with commas, full stops and question marks.

It is in sustained work of approaching practice with a sense of curiosity, patience and tenacity that we learn the most valuable lessons yoga has to teach us.

I say beware of the need for the exclamation point in practice. What we gain through the steady work over time is infinitely more valuable, lasting, and fulfilling than the quick and easy wrap-up.