The Breakthrough Moment

I received this from a student last week:

It was a big breakthrough today: 4 years working on headstand and it happened today… the precious moment where I could find my balance away from the wall.

Breaking through, that moment where it all comes together and the pose you’ve been working on for years is there for you.

Whether its headstand or equanimity of mind, attainment in yoga happens through the time and attention we devote to its practice.

Perhaps more importantly, it comes with practice done with a particular, supportive and nourishing inner environment defined in part by:






balanced by






and Faith

It is worth remembering that yoga is both the attainment and the practices that lead up to that attainment. The yoga is in breakthrough moment and in all that we did to nurture it. Both the journey and the destination are rich sources of learning if we are willing to penetrate them.