2 kinds of memory

Memory can work in 2 ways in asana practice:

There are the memories we have of injury, fear, limitation and pain. These types of thought patterns tend to restrict us in asana if we don’t actively work to shift them.

And then there are the memories of what worked. This is the remembrance of placement, actions, sequences of actions, and refinements that brought opening, space, integration, balance and resonance to the body.

These memories reignite the recognition of a natural and harmonious state of alignment. They are the memories of the body vibrantly alive with consciousness as well as the actions that brought us there.

The first types of memories are to be respected, acknowledged and learned from as we move ahead in our practice.

The second are to be captured, used, applied, reflected upon and reinforced.

As we progress in asana, it is the expansive memories we bring to practice that move us forward. Slowly, over time, they displace the limiting memories with new impressions of freedom and possibility.