Preserving Place

Recently, a student remarked to me after class,

“Thank you. This was exactly where I needed to be.”

I suspect she was grateful not only to have placed herself in the practices on that particular day, but also to have done so in a space dedicated to yoga and the path of inner connection.

This is what the neighborhood studio offers. A yoga studio can be a sanctuary and an oasis of calm amidst the busyness of scheduled days. It can be a place where we feel uplifted just by walking in. It is a place where we are welcomed into the practices of yoga within the context of our everyday lives.

This, I believe, is where the real and lasting transformative power of the practice takes hold. It happens through precious teacher-student interaction, and with the support of being with others on the same life-affirming trajectory. It happens not only by coming together once or twice a year in large gatherings, but through the week-in, week-out continuity of practice.

These days, we certainly don’t have to leave home to take class, or even to participate in workshops, conferences or trainings.

What are we missing out on if we use those resources to replace, rather than supplement, the live, in-person, and in-community experience of yoga?