Mud to Lotus: The How-to of Transformation

Here in the eastern Quebec we’re entering into the muddy season.

Out of the mud, grows the lotus.

It is a traditional and familiar image. The journey that the yogi undertakes is like the blossoming of the lotus flower.

Depending on our inclination, we might use yoga as a way to rise above the muck mud of everyday life.

Or, we might seek to elevate our mundane experiences to the realm of the sacred. Just as the lotus takes its nourishment from the muddy waters to blossom into something beautiful and perfect, we too may use the mud of everyday life, including our physicality, as fuel for transformation.

In both approaches, the goal is the same: to cultivate a vision and experience of transcendence that recognizes the essential sacredness within us and within all things.

The big question is: How does this happen? By what means does this transformation from mud to blossom occur? What is the secret of this shift that allows us to transmute our muddy lives into something transcendent and perfect?

One way of looking at the path of yoga is as a set of tools and understandings to move us through this transformation. The teachings and practices of the tradition offer us perspectives and ways to assimilate, digest, and transform our ordinary, muddy existence into something beautiful and extraordinary.