The Lens of Compassion

Here’s what one student wanted me to know about why she stopped taking class with another teacher years ago:

 “I already know I’m scattered. What I need is compassion.”

How clearly stated. It struck me as a great reminder for all teachers, no matter the subject, and especially those of us guiding a journey as intimate and personal as yoga.

When the student in front of us is not as together, focused, or receptive (fill in any other adjective here) as we would like her to be, we can remember:

- We don’t know everyone’s story.

- Every student shows up because they need something from yoga.

- The experience of a class is as much about the energy the teacher conveys as the actual practice.

 - And, above all, every student who comes before us is worthy of our respect.

Perhaps some of our most important work as teachers is being conscious of the lens through which we see our students.